Jessica Spencer

Full-service creative.

Whatever the project, Keen has the capabilities to meet your creative goals. With experience in traditional design and niche areas too, no project is out of reach.

Keen can bring your brand’s print collateral to life. Whether it’s a business card, billboard, brochure, glossy magazine ad or any other projects you’ve got in mind, we can make it happen. Point-perfect attention to detail, top-notch typography, content organization and superior copywriting skills bring your project together at a professional level that represents your business in the best way possible.

Website Design

These days, a well-designed website is a necessity. A functional, clean website delivers necessary information to your customers and clients and is one of the best ways to brand your business. Keen Creative can design a custom site following the latest industry trends and specifications, buillt from scratch, or using an existing CMS template such as Wordpress or Squarespace.


While you cell phone camera is handy in a pinch, it’s best to leave the images for your website, publication or social media sites to the professionals. Keen Creative has experience shooting events, headshots, food, product, fashion photos and more. With a full studio of equipment, superior editing skills and the eye for what makes a great shot, Keen Creative can capture the image you need.

Food & Photo Styling

A background in the lifestyle publshing world gave Keen Creative the experience and know-how to style a great, professional-looking photo. From food to fashion, Keen knows all the tricks of the trade to create cover-worthy images that sell your products. Upgrade your advertisements, menus, lookbooks, mailing materials, website and signage with images that catch your customers’ eye.

Custom Publications

A large multi-page publication can be a beast to create. Luckily, Keen Creative has the process down to a science. Having designed dozens of monthly publications and annuals, training manuals, annual reports, booklets and more, Keen Creative can help you organize information, effectively package complex content and copy, and works hand in hand with printers to complete your project with ease.


One of the biggest hurdles for busy clients can be the cumbersome task of coming up with and writing pages of content for their websites, brochures and blogs. Keen Creative can take the lead on content organization, copywriting and even help you brainstorm marketing headlines and strategies that speak to your customers in your own clear voice.


Your brand is what sets your business apart from the crowd. A cohesive branding and marketing approach that expresses your identiity, values and aesthetically communicates your competitive edge in the marketplace is one of the most important aspects of your business. We can help you create, adjust or refine your branding to reflect the great business you really are—and your customers will notice.

Creative Consulting

If you're on the right track, but just need a little bit of assistance bringing your creative approach together, Keen Creative can help. Do you want feedback about your current strategy? Is your staff too bogged down to focus on details? Let Keen Creative offer a hand in shaping the direction of your project or overall game plan. We can be as involved as you need, or just offer suggestions from the sidelines.